Your Oxfordshire county councillor is 

Andy Graham, Liberal Democrats

2017 county council election (votes)

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CoHSAT active-travel survey answers

NameAndy Graham
Party DetailLiberal Democrats
CouncilOxfordshire County Council
Ring- fence 10+% of transport budget for active travelAgree
Make 15-min neighbour- hoods a central principle in local policyStrongly Agree
Prioritise dis- advantaged communities in transport policy/ investmentStrongly Agree
Make local transport zero-carbon and improve air qualityStrongly Agree
Apply sustainable transport hierarchy to transport/ planning decisionsStrongly Agree
Reduce car dependency in existing and new developmentsStrongly Agree
Expand the Strategic Active Travel NetworkStrongly Agree
Provide compre- hensive zero emission public transportStrongly Agree
Reduce private car trips across the CountyAgree
Reduce public and private car parking spaces in town/city centresNeutral
Sign up to Vision Zero: zero road traffic deaths/ serious injuriesAgree
Oppose any major road expansionStrongly Agree

Put walking and cycling first when designing a highways scheme
Work with local communities to develop active travel plans for our market towns.
Expand Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, School Streets and 20mph in residential areas

Liberal Democrats Oxfordshire manifesto

CoHSAT survey quotes

What active-travel initiatives would you like to support in your local area?

A complete car parking review with action plan and timescale to prioritise residents first and encourage the visitor car travel to Blenheim Palace by promoting alternative bus and rail travel avoiding existing roads and town centre.
Ensure there is an infrastructure plan is in place before housing to ensure the integration of all services are met and thereby avoid existing strain . This would include cycling, public transport and health and well being are integrated to sustain our communities.

Please summarise your views on the future for transport in Oxfordshire.

I am in favour of moving towards a neighbourhood which is less car-dependent (and not used as a cut-through) and has better public transport and provision for public travel but, if they are going to work, changes need to be consulted on within communities before implementation. The recent LTN and CPZ failures were due to a lack of explanation and communication. 2030 is a realistic goal.

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