Your Oxfordshire county councillors are indicated by the “Elected” column in the table below.

Barton, Sandhills & RisinghurstGlynis Mary PhillipsLabour1234Elected
Barton, Sandhills & RisinghurstChloe Chantel DobbsThe Conservative Party Candidate441
Barton, Sandhills & RisinghurstAndrew Martyn HeaverLiberal Democrats401
Barton, Sandhills & RisinghurstLiz TaylorGreen Party306
Barton, Sandhills & RisinghurstChaka ArtwellIndependent248
Churchill & Lye ValleyLiz BrighouseLabour & Co-operative Party1521Elected
Churchill & Lye ValleyTimothy Douglas PatmoreThe Conservative Party Candidate458
Churchill & Lye ValleyMatthew David ElliottGreen Party319
Churchill & Lye ValleyAdam Charles PoveyLiberal Democrats180
CowleyCharles Benjamin HicksLabour & Co-operative Party1903Elected
CowleyHazel Frances DaweGreen Party604
CowleyJohnson KyeswaThe Conservative Party Candidate372
CowleyDave HenwoodIndependent285
CowleyJudith Anne HarleyIndependent217
CowleyEleonore Rebecca VogelLiberal Democrats121
Headington & QuarryRoz SmithLiberal Democrats1784Elected
Headington & QuarryTrish ElphinstoneLabour Party1420
Headington & QuarryAdy WrightThe Conservative Party Candidate419
Headington & QuarryRay HitchinsGreen Party294
Iffley Fields & St Mary’sDamian Joel HaywoodLabour & Co-operative Party1568Elected
Iffley Fields & St Mary’sChris JarvisGreen Party1373
Iffley Fields & St Mary’sSimon James BazleyThe Conservative Party Candidate175
Iffley Fields & St Mary’sTheodore Ernest JuppLiberal Democrats111
Iffley Fields & St Mary’sFrancis Xavier O’NeillFreedom Alliance: No Lockdowns, No Curfews38
IsisBrad Todd BainesLabour & Co-operative Party1671Elected
IsisNuala Ann YoungGreen Party734
IsisDavid William BowkettLiberal Democrats372
IsisGeorgina Ruth GibbsThe Conservative Party Candidate343
IsisHakeem Yousaf18
Jericho & OsneySusanna PresselLabour Party1760Elected
Jericho & OsneySarah Janet EdwardsGreen Party583
Jericho & OsneyKatherine Rebecca NormanLiberal Democrats382
Jericho & OsneyWilliam Arthur Henry HallThe Conservative Party Candidate280
LeysImade Uzoma EdosomwanLabour Party1205Elected
LeysPaul John SimsThe Conservative Party Candidate355
LeysDavid Rudolf NewmanGreen Party178
LeysPaul GiesbergLiberal Democrats104
LeysLorenzo De GregoriThe For Britain Movement63
Marston & NorthwayMark Robert LygoLabour Party1430Elected
Marston & NorthwayAlistair David Pryce MorrisGreen Party899
Marston & NorthwayMark BhagwandinThe Conservative Party Candidate707
Marston & NorthwayJoanna Elizabeth SteeleLiberal Democrats245
Marston & NorthwayMark Andrew Norton BoulleFreedom Alliance50
Rose Hill & LittlemoreMichele Valerie Anna PauleLabour & Co-operative Party1537Elected
Rose Hill & LittlemoreDaniel StaffordThe Conservative Party Candidate516
Rose Hill & LittlemoreKevin Nicholas McGlynnGreen Party385
Rose Hill & LittlemoreMichael Anthony EvansIndependent341
Rose Hill & LittlemoreChristopher Stephen Frederick SmowtonLiberal Democrats158
St Clement’s & Cowley MarshMohamed Yahia Habiballa FadlallaLabour Party1002Elected
St Clement’s & Cowley MarshRosie Mae RawleGreen Party640
St Clement’s & Cowley MarshJamila Begum AzadIndependent351
St Clement’s & Cowley MarshAndrew SteeleLiberal Democrats179
St Clement’s & Cowley MarshFay Lana SimsThe Conservative Party Candidate178
St Margaret’sJohn Orrell HowsonLiberal Democrats1312Elected
St Margaret’sChristopher Mark Dobell HullLabour Party1220
St Margaret’sPenelope Anne LenonThe Conservative Party Candidate565
St Margaret’sChristopher Frank William GoodallGreen Party497
University ParksMichael John Leslie O’ConnorLabour Party728Elected
University ParksDianne Claudia RegisfordGreen Party459
University ParksJames Edward Maitland CoxLiberal Democrats269
University ParksMaddy RossThe Conservative Party Candidate145
Wolvercote & SummertownAndrew John GantLiberal Democrats1853Elected
Wolvercote & SummertownAndrew SiantonasLabour Party688
Wolvercote & SummertownKatherine Hayley Louise KettleThe Conservative Party Candidate604
Wolvercote & SummertownSheila CameronGreen Party548

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