Your Oxfordshire county councillors areĀ 

Jane Hanna, Liberal Democrats
Jenny Hannaby, Liberal Democrats. 

2017 county council election (votes)

ConservativeGreenIndependentLabourLiberal DemocratMargin (votes)

CoHSAT active-travel survey answers

NameNicola Jane Murdoch HannaJenny Hannaby
Party DetailLiberal DemocratsLiberal Democrats
WardGrove & WantageGrove & Wantage
CouncilOxfordshire County CouncilOxfordshire County Council
Ring- fence 10+% of transport budget for active travelAgreeAgree
Make 15-min neighbour- hoods a central principle in local policyAgreeStrongly Agree
Prioritise dis- advantaged communities in transport policy/ investmentStrongly AgreeStrongly Agree
Make local transport zero-carbon and improve air qualityStrongly AgreeStrongly Agree
Apply sustainable transport hierarchy to transport/ planning decisionsAgreeStrongly Agree
Reduce car dependency in existing and new developmentsAgreeStrongly Agree
Expand the Strategic Active Travel NetworkDon’t knowStrongly Agree
Provide compre- hensive zero emission public transportAgreeAgree
Reduce private car trips across the CountyStrongly AgreeStrongly Agree
Reduce public and private car parking spaces in town/city centresNeutralStrongly Agree
Sign up to Vision Zero: zero road traffic deaths/ serious injuriesAgreeStrongly Agree
Oppose any major road expansionNeutralAgree

Put walking and cycling first when designing a highways scheme
Work with local communities to develop active travel plans for our market towns.
Expand Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, School Streets and 20mph in residential areas

Liberal Democrats Oxfordshire manifesto

CoHSAT survey quotes

What active-travel initiatives would you like to support in your local area?

We need considerable improvement to our cycle network and other measures to increase cycle usage such as 20 mph zones, car free zones and improved cycle paths. Flexible and demand driven bus services connecting towns with major areas of employment and the return of bus services to the public sector. Better connectivity between bus and train services and the reopening of Grove Railway Station.

Better cycleways to encourage less use of the car .Improve rural bus services to prevent being cut off from towns which usually have medical services also leisure and hospitality services.

Please summarise your views on the future for transport in Oxfordshire.

New housing developments should be required to provide local employment as part of the planning approval to reduce the need to commute and should include sufficient local amenities so that they become communities rather than dormitories.

With more development being built in towns and villages need frequent bus services to allow people to attend their work places either locally or as a connection to other bus services for onward journeys.

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