Your Oxfordshire county councillor is​ 

Nathan Ley, Liberal Democrats.​​​ 

2017 county council election (votes)

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CoHSAT active-travel survey answers

NameNathan Benjamin Ley
Party DetailLiberal Democrats
DivisionAbingdon North
CouncilOxfordshire County Council
Ring- fence 10+% of transport budget for active travelAgree
Make 15-min neighbour- hoods a central principle in local policyDon’t know
Prioritise dis- advantaged communities in transport policy/ investmentDon’t know
Make local transport zero-carbon and improve air qualityStrongly Agree
Apply sustainable transport hierarchy to transport/ planning decisionsAgree
Reduce car dependency in existing and new developmentsStrongly Agree
Expand the Strategic Active Travel NetworkStrongly Agree
Provide compre- hensive zero emission public transportAgree
Reduce private car trips across the CountyStrongly Agree
Reduce public and private car parking spaces in town/city centresStrongly Agree
Sign up to Vision Zero: zero road traffic deaths/ serious injuriesDon’t know
Oppose any major road expansionDon’t know

Put walking and cycling first when designing a highways scheme
Work with local communities to develop active travel plans for our market towns.
Expand Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, School Streets and 20mph in residential areas

Liberal Democrats Oxfordshire manifesto

CoHSAT survey quotes

What active-travel initiatives would you like to support in your local area?

A more joined up NCN route #5, particularly through Abingdon market place. High street westbound should be single-lane with a dedicated cycle track and more pavement space given to businesses and restaurants to be al fresco. Generally I’d like to see the introduction of fully segregated, wide cycle paths. Additionally reduced speed limits (i.e. 40->30 and 30->20). Agree with principles of LTNs but mindful of picking the right place for them (we have LTN-like features in Abingdon and there’s no prospect of anyone wanting those to be removed!)

At the same time I know I would represent a wide range of constituents and would bear the views of all in mind.

Please summarise your views on the future for transport in Oxfordshire.

Fully electrified rail, ideally taking freight and passenger volumes off the road. Included Oxford-Carteron train line.

Road improvements and repairs equally taking into account the status of pavements and cycle lanes (which do not contribute to the damage in the first place!). A34 should not become a motorway by stealth.

More LTNs where neighbourhoods wish to see trials. Generally speaking, more areas such as Broad St in Oxford should be fully pedestrianised and businesses/recreation reclaim the streets. As per my Abingdon comments, more new segregated cycle paths like the Botley-Eynsham community path.

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